The Project

The project aims to develop a multi-layer framework that will allow HE students to advance transversal skills through continuous, step-wise, and personalized development. The framework lies in a 3- level support system that follows a linear, progressive fashion, starting from the broader application to the narrower one.

In level 1, students will have the opportunity to gain up-to-date scientific knowledge on transversal skills through an introductory course. Through this course, students will be able to reflect on these skills and develop an Individual Skills Development Plan (ISDP).

After completing the introductory course, each student will have the opportunity to broaden as well as to deepen specific transversal skills (based on their ISDP), through stepwise, guided and multi-contextual practical training. Specifically, students will be able to enroll in skills development programs (group-based) offered by experts within the HEI (level 2), practice, apply and refine them through feedback.

Finally, in level 3, participants of level 2, who are identified through self- and instructor evaluation as presenting significant challenges in specific skills domains, would be able to develop and consolidate these skills under a more intensive and individualized supportive program.

A summary of the main project results are:
- ‘Mind the skills gap review‘ evidence synthesis report (consisting of systematic review, cross country consultation and conclusions).

- ‘Life Skills 101‘: Skills for success in the workplace and life’ course. An introductory course with a guidebook for instructors for students’ education about transversal skills.

- ‘Life Skills Boot Camp‘: Mastering the Skills for professional and personal success’ training program: A series of skills development training modules (group-based), with trainer’s and trainee’s manuals.

- ‘iBoard’ self-tracking and eCoaching tool: A digital tool enabling users for personal goal setting and for self-progress monitoring.

- ‘Bridge the skills gap implementation roadmap’: A roadmap providing all the necessary steps/ guidelines to implement the three levels of support and the procedures on how these components will be integrated into a comprehensive system.

- ‘Evaluation of the bridge the skills gap’: An evaluative report to assess the feasibility/acceptability of the roadmap.