Core Team

Prof. Georgia Panayiotou

Georgia Panayiotou, Ph.D. is Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus. Her research interests are in the domain of Emotion and its role in the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology. She studies topics like differences in fear reactivity between groups with different pathologies, emotion regulation and coping and Anxiety and Affective Disorders Emotional processes in antisocial behaviors such risky driving and childhood aggression. She directs the Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology Lab and she is a founding member of the Center for Applied Neuroscience. In addition to basic emotion research her lab runs RCTs on preventive interventions for young people (e.g. “Travel in Myself” program for youth, “URGAME-C” project for gambling). She was PI or co-PI on multiple nationally and internationally funded projects (including Marie-Curie ETN, NEO-PRISM-C). She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Cyprus and she is the Coordinator of the Level UP project.


Dr. Elke Vlemincx

Elke Vlemincx is Assistant Professor at the Health Sciences department, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research focuses on investigating the mechanisms underlying (mal)adaptive stress and emotion regulation, and the effectiveness of innovative stress management techniques. Within this research domain, she specializes in psychophysiology, examining bidirectional relationships between physiological functioning (e.g. breathing, heart rate variability) and psychological factors (e.g. stress and emotions, interoception and symptom perception, flexibility and resilience). She is currently involved as the VUA team leader in the Level-UP project. 


Prof. Luis Joaquin Garcia-Lopez

Luis Joaquin Garcia-Lopez serves as Full Professor at the Department of Psychology, Division of Clinical Psychology, University of Jaen, Spain. His research interest focuses on evidence-based assessment and intervention of young people with (or at-risk of) emotional disorders (anxiety and depression). He is leading a network focused on promotion of emotional health and wellbeing in the young and serves as Spanish representative in several Management Committee for COST Actions. He has a demonstrated record of accomplished and productive research projects in an area of high relevance for youth. He is currently involved in the Level-UP project as the UJA team leader.


Dr. Arturo Montejo Ráez

Arturo Montejo Ráez holds a PhD in Computer Science with a European mention from the University of Granada in 2006 after carrying out his research for four years in the Laboratory. European Centre for Particle Physics (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland). It has two six-years-periods of recognized research (2004-2010, 2011-2017) and one six-year-period of recognized technology transfer (2012-2018). His scientific contributions have been cited in more than 1500 researches. He is a supportive administrator and one of the promoters of the company Yottacode S.L., founded in 2016 as a knowledge-based company (EBC) and officially recognized as a "spin-off" of the University of Jaén. He is currently involved as Researcher in the Level UP project (e-coaching tool development).


Dr. Panagiota Dimitropoulou

Dimitropoulou Panagiota is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology. She is an experienced Educational psychologist with national and international publications and teaching experience. She has extensive work experience in various educational institutes across Greece, at all education levels. Furthermore, Dr. Dimitropoulou has worked on developing and implementing systemic prevention and intervention programs, as well as training students, school psychologists, teachers and HEI students on various skills such as communication skills, consultation, counselling skills and soft transversal skills. Also, some of these projects involved the close collaboration with stakeholders and policy makers related to educational and organizational contexts. Finally, she is the national representative of Greece and Convenor of Board of Promotion and Prevention of European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA), Co-cordinator of the Division of Psychology of the Hellenic Psychological Society and at the committee of the national representatives of young scholars in European Association for Research on Adolescence. She is currently involved as a UoC team leader in the Level-UP project.


Dr. Alexios Arvanitis

Assistant Professor Arvanitis is a social psychologist that has done research on negotiations and motivation. His academic publications introduce a new perspective to the study of negotiation that focuses on co-regulation and entitlements and apply a widely established motivational theory, Self-Determination Theory, in morality and public policy. He has communicated his scientific ideas to the broader public by authoring several newspaper articles and a book in Greek, as well as several newspaper and magazine articles in English. Most important, he has taught extensively on these topics both at the university and in applied professional settings, trying to instill transversal skills in students, lawyers, executives, teachers. He is currently involved as core researcher in the Level-UP project.


Dr. Elias Tsakanikos

Elias Tsakanikos is an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Crete. He is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London and member of the advisory board of UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN). He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT).  Research Interests: Psychopathology & Personality; Cognition & Emotion; Individual Differences.  Elias is a Licensed Psychologist (registration number: 5570). He is currently involved as core researcher in the Level-UP project.


Alexandros Andreou, MBA

Alexandros Andreou is the CEO of Silversky 3D Virtual Reality Technologies Ltd. He has earned his MSc in Business Administration from the Open University of Cyprus. He has previously obtained a degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus in June. He is a high caliber designer, and a managing prodigy, expert in a variety of design software and platforms including Unity, Unreal, 3Ds max, Substance and Photoshop. Has over 7 years’ experience in managing app dev teams for a breadth of sectors including Architecture & Design, Education, Sports, Shipping, Military, Advertising and Psychology.

Dr. Marios Theodorou

Dr. Marios Theodorou is a special scientist (postdoctoral level researcher) at the University of Cyprus. He holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, offering trainings on skills development related to mental health, healthy relationships and wellbeing. He has gained working experience as teaching instructor at the University (e.g. Psychology of Happiness and Adaptive Behavior), as Trainer at Cyprus Family Planning Association (Sexual Health promotion), psychosocial skills trainer at the School of Central Prison in Nicosia, and employment counsellor at the Nicosia District Labour Office. He is currently involved as co-PI in the Level UP project.